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  Costa Rica

Included are 44 bird species, 18 animals, 9 plants, 7 trees and a couple butterflies and bats.  I have done my best to correctly identify them. However, I suspect some might be incorrect, as many look alike. Please let me know of any errors.

This was a great trip with a great leader.

    San Jose

        Pre-Columbian Gold Museum
        Coffee Presentation


        Bus to Tortuguero
        Boat to Tortuguero
        Village of Tortuguero
        Coconut Presentation
        Boat Safari
        El Poponjoche Trail

    Sarapiqui Area

        Trip to Sarapiqui Area
        Sarapiqui Lodge
        Walk in Rainforest
        Chocolate Presentation
        Conservation Learning Center

    Arenal Area

        Rana Roja Restaurant
        Arenal Lodge
        Mistico Hanging Bridges
        Arenal Volcano and National Park
        La Fortuna
        Cloud Forest Conservation

    Central Pacific Coast

        Bus to Central Pacific Coast
        Central Pacific Coast Hotel
        Bird Walk
        Carara National Park
        Crocodile Safari
        Roadside Fruit Market